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“The opposite of anger is not calmness.  It’s empathy.” 

--Mehmet Oz


Empathy is a simple word with the simple definition:  the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.  It is about being human and embracing humanity—our collective humanity. 


Presently, we live in a country divided:  right and left, red and blue.  Our country’s polarizing politics have grown to distract us from a greater compassion toward fellow citizens.  The Humanity Theatre Project hopes to remind our society of our commonalities as human beings as we explore the deeper issues.  It is our belief that telling stories of “humanness” through the power of live theatre allows audiences to focus, to put aside personal agendas and let them fade to the periphery of their minds.  By so doing, the capacity for connection increases. 


But we need your help.


Ticket sales only cover a portion of expenses related to producing live, professional theatre.  Your donation can have a meaningful impact on furthering our mission of utilizing theatre as a catalyst for establishing human connections and creating critical conversations about empathy.


As we say at the Humanity Theatre Project:  It all starts with empathy.  And it all starts with you.

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